Music-News Launches A New Artist Initiative Called ‘Profile Booster’


Music-News have launched a brand new initiative for artists called ‘Profile Booster.’ This offer forms part of their ‘New Artist Initiative’ to help bands, artists, DJs and musicians raise their profile in the cluttered online market place. Artists that use the service can promote videos, albums, singles, EPs, free downloads, streams, social media sites and dates.

Improve your social media profile and SEO with their Profile Booster: £20 (highly subsidized offer – £350 corporate)

Their Profile Booster includes:

Up to 5 links – website/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Soundcloud/YouTube, etc

A 100 word description

A picture

A Twitter post

A Facebook post

Boost Your Google Ranking is TOP on a ‘Music News’ Google search

Linking them will raise the ranking of your profile pages

They’re been a well respected information source since 2003

They’re part of the BRITS and the BBC Awards voting panel

24 month archive

This is a artist only offer – no company profiles accepted

The cost is a £20 PayPal Invoice

Why Choose Their New Artist Initiative?

The websites that Google ranks on the 1st page of its search results are the ones that they consider to be the most relevant and useful. This is determined using a complex algorithm taking into account 200+ different factors. The website ranked in 1st place is the website that the algorithm has given the best score to. is top on a ‘Music News’ search.

Linking to them will significantly raise the ranking of your profile pages.

As Music News was set up with the intention of helping up-and-coming artists they have come up with this initiative for artists to take advantage of this opportunity at a highly subsidized rate.


This listing is intended solely for artists, bands, DJs and musicians primarily to boost their online Google ranking and social platform offering. It is also a stand-alone artist information directory. The subsidized uploading fee covers costs alone. Companies and organizations wishing to benefit must refer to the ‘Media Pack’ information and related costs below.

Why Choose A Music News Advertorial?

Their advertorials offer companies links on Music News to boost their Google ranking.

March 2016 Stats

Page impressions: 4,100,000 (per month)

Unique users@ 1,140,000 (per month)

Average user time: 8 minutes

Email bulletin sign-ups: 175,000

To get listed, contact the editor with the following information:

– Artist name
– Up to 5 urls
– A 100 word description
– A high resolution picture (the final image will be cut down to 500×500 pixels)