An Interview With Blogger, Joy Ogude From Joy-de-Vivre

Having moved from Nigeria in 2003, Joy Ogude went on to graduate from the University of Leicester with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2009. She is proudly fully registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and the UK’s Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC). However, Joy’s career in the Media world really kicked off in 2011 when she moved to London.

As well as being a TV presenter for Sky Three and hosting her own breakfast radio show for Westside FM, Joy began blogging too. Her lifestyle blog covers topics including health, fitness and food. She also has a YouTube channel where you can watch her cook, entertain friends and sweat it out at the gym.

Joy is also an upcoming photographer who loves nothing more than capturing images through her lens when she isn’t blogging or burning calories.

Joy has also agreed to speak at ‘Breakthrough in Blogging,’ on ‘How To Monetise Your Blog: The Options, And How To Do It.’ We caught up with Joy to find out a bit about her background, and to grab a quick sneak preview on some of her insights into the blogging industry prior to this year’s event.

Q1: Hi Joy. Thank you so much for agreeing to speak at #BTIB2017, and for doing this interview with us for our readers! To begin with, you started off as a blogger back in 2011, but you’re also a TV presenter and a physiotherapist. Would you say blogging has helped to boost your profile in these areas, or is it the other way around?

A1: My absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. I don’t do much TV presenting now. It’s funny because I used to always think TV presenting was my first love and I went into blogging to fill my time whilst working on getting those amazing TV presenting opportunities, which we all know takes a lot of time.

What I discovered instead was a whole new me, a new set of skills I never knew I had – an eye for creativity in filming videos, taking photographs and editing. I feel so grateful as I would have never had the opportunity to connect directly with my audience. With TV presenting, it’s not your content – you’re simply the presenter!’

Q2: Obviously your blog and your YouTube channel speaks about health, fitness and food, which is becoming increasingly popular in this day and age through the emerging and growing ‘wellness’ industry.

As you are a qualified and registered health expert, it’s easy to understand why people want to take your advice, but I have noticed that a lot of bloggers are writing about health even though they aren’t a qualified expert like you are. Does this concern you that people are taking advice from unqualified bloggers, or do you think it’s a good thing?

A2: ‘That’s such an interesting question and has been the subject of conversation once or twice amongst my blogger friends. To be truthful, this used to annoy me a lot before. However, I started to come round and see the good in it. It simply goes to show the extent to which technology has advanced where one person can influence a lot of people and tap into an entire audience, even more than television/radio.

These people feel a strong and direct connection to the people they follow. In life though, any reasonable person will know that they must research any advice they wish to follow, especially when it comes to your health. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. I will always admire the hard work and effort bloggers put into growing an audience, whether or not they have the qualification to back it up. In reality, they aren’t claiming to be qualified – they just don’t shout it out.’

Q3: So what inspired you to get in to blogging, then? How comes you decided to add it to your already impressive collection of projects?

A3: ‘I’ve always liked having an idea, making it happen and then presenting the facts to people. This is really what got me into TV presenting and my intention was to always do documentaries. I would still love to. Staying true to my ‘roots’ and passion, this is why within blogging, I fall into the lifestyle category.

I’m all about the things that everyday people can relate to and we all know that one thing that gets us obsessed is how we can live a healthy lifestyle. I’m obsessed with it (some days, failing at it) but I’m very truthful about my struggles and successes with my weight and food, and hopefully this is why my teeny little audience on the internet feel they can relate to me.

I post pics of my bloated belly, wonky legs and document my struggle with living a healthy lifestyle on IG, my blog and YouTube! I might be a physio but exercise does not come naturally to me!’

Q4: You’ll be speaking about ‘How To Monetise Your Blog: The Options, And How To Do It’ at our event in July. Could you give us an insight into what you’ll speak about on the day, and how bloggers can best monetize their blogs – particularly the smaller ones that don’t have a huge following?

A4: ‘There are various ways to monetize your blog, YouTube channel, IG account and anywhere else you post online. The very first step however is Google Adsense. It works in a very simple way, the more traffic you have to your blog, the more likely people are to click on an advert on your blog and you get a certain percentage from that.

Getting an Adsense account isn’t just enough. Not only do you have to ask yourself what kind of audience you want to attract but also why would advertisers want to advertise on your page? In addition – what types of companies? This is of course where branding comes in.

You can’t post blogs about games and want Loreal to advertise on your small space on the internet. Get the drift? There are also other things to bear in mind like how tiny the percentage you get is. To be honest, Google gets the bigger chunk so Adsense certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This means bloggers are now coming up with newer ways to make money online. You’ll have to attend on the 3rd of July to find out.’

Q5: Tell us a little bit about your presenting and radio work?

A5: ‘It’s practically non existent at the moment. I’m enjoying blogging and photography way too much right now. The only presenting I do now is on my YouTube channel. The joy of being able to reach my audience directly and interact with them on a daily basis is too amazing to let go of. I consider myself a very small influencer with friends online so doing my job on a daily basis feels like making new friends whose name I can remember everyday and there’s something so special about that.’

Q6: What is the best way to get noticed, build a fanbase and drive traffic to your website?

A6: ‘Be consistent. Be known for one thing. It’s a hard concept to get your head around I know. When people think of you – what immediately comes to mind? If it’s ‘jack of all trades,’ that’s no good! If you have separate hobbies like I do with photography and health/fitness/food, separate them on social media where it counts.

I have a separate page for health/fitness/food @joyogude (IG) and @joyogudephotography (IG). However, learn to bring them together where it also counts – so on YouTube, it’s a bit of everything and so is my blog – inevitably as that’s based on pictures anyway even if I’m blogging about food! Hence the webpage (the joy ‘i.e me’ of living). Clever I know. Ha Ha.’

Q7: Could you talk a little bit about brand partnerships, how bloggers smaller bloggers can go about this?

A7: ‘Difficult to explain in a few lines. The bottom line is branding! Figure out what exactly you want to be – a lifestyle, beauty, interior design, or nails, etc blogger, follow all the people who are important in that area, interact with them, see who they follow, message them and most importantly consume their content. This is so important. Don’t just like a post, read it first. Go to the same events and meet ups and network the hell out. Everything else will follow in time.’

Q8: Obviously your blog is quite niche – covering health, fitness and food. Do you think it’s important to be niche nowadays, to be successful?

A8: ‘YES! And I hate this because I have a million and one things I’m interested in! I will explain more on the 3rd of July but it’s as simple as this – what is your unique selling point? You need a USP. When people think of you, why would they want you over the person next door? People should be able to say your name and what you do in one sentence! Simple.’

Q9: Tell us a little bit about your YouTube channel? I spoke to Carly Musleh from Beauty Sauce a few weeks back, and she mentioned that she treats her YouTube channel as a completely separate entity/project to her blog which I found quite surprising. Do you operate with the same mindset, or do you think your YouTube channel is an extension of your blog, presenting and health work? And would you recommend YouTube to small bloggers, or can they live without it?

A9: ‘That’s interesting about Carly and I can see why some bloggers would say that. There is no right or wrong. I actually treat my blog and YouTube channel as an extension of each other.

I often write blog posts with more pictures for the videos I make on YouTube so for example, food recipes. I am likely to show you how I made the food on my YouTube channel but if you want the exact recipe, you’ve gotta get over to my blog. Everyone is different and this works perfectly for me, for reasons I will be happy to expand on at the event.’

Q10: And last but not least, where can you see the blogging industry going over the next few years? Where do you think it’ll end up as it matures as a sector?

A10: ‘This is a million dollar question. I can only hope it continues growing, obviously for very selfish reasons! Not just because I’m in it, but because of how much effort I know it takes to make that one video and produce that amazing pic you view for 2 seconds but has taken me 3 days to edit!

We put in a lot of work and ultimately wish for people to take a bit more time to watch videos to the end or simply leave a comment and consume our content as we intended. We’re grafters. We get no sleep and often work various other jobs to keep things ticking over whilst we produce the content you love.’

You can find out more about Joy on her blog here and her YouTube channel here, or check out her talk at ‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ here.