Virtual Reality In The Music Industry Is Taking Off…

This is a guest post by Zanesh Amin. Check out Zanesh’s radio show here.

The music industry is adopting one of most popular new emerging technologies…

Virtual reality.

VR Technology provides a whole new format for musicians to utilise and interact with their audiences. To be virtually surrounded by an artists’ vision in 360 degrees is a fresh and powerful new way to express music and the messages that come with it.

Music videos from Bjork, The Weeknd and Run The Jewels stand out as prime examples of the exciting stories that can be told through this medium.

VR is also proving useful in the field of live music.

Childish Gambino previewed his new album at Pharos – an innovative concert in Joshua Tree, California where fans could immerse themselves in the fantastical world that Gambino built based around the project. Although the event was exclusive to only a few hundred lucky ticket-holders, an immersive taste was made available to the wider public thanks to VR.

With a lot of the action occurring on the dome directly above the performance, VR was the only way to fully capture the experience. This shows just one of the creative avenues that VR can open up.

Popular music session broadcaster ‘The Boiler Room’ has even established the first virtual reality music venue, dedicated to sharing their raves across the world via VR. It launches in London very soon, in collaboration with Inception (a prominent VR platform).

There’s still some ways to go with the technology, with a major concern being the expensive chunky headsets required to interact with content. However, with further developments VR tech may become viable as the leading visual medium of the future.