Aksha Fernandez Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Aksha Fernandez are a women’s shoe brand that modern women can wear without compromising on style or comfort. The shoes are a contrast of clean lines, geometry along with floral motifs and a burst of colours.

Their aesthetics are drawn from Aksha’s roots and life journey. The vivid colours and floral details are inspired by her Indian roots. Whereas the clean lines and bold silhouettes come from her relationship and travels to Scandinavia.

They make their shoes in a region of Italy called Veneto. This region is known for its highly skilled craft in women’s shoes. They work with a small, family run artisanal factory when in today’s time’s mass production is the norm.

More recently, they’ve decided that if we step away from selling through retail stores and instead sell directly to our customers, we will be able to offer the same quality shoes at a much better price.

To get the ball rolling, the brand has launched their very first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and are thrilled to announce that their shoes will now be available at a much more affordable price point. They will also be offering special discounts during the next month, only on Kickstarter.

Find out more and support them here.