An Introduction To ‘Bloggers Required’

Bloggers Required is a FREE service for bloggers and influencers, which aims to be a facilitator between small businesses, brands, agencies and start-ups looking for support with blogger and influencer outreach, helping to make life a little bit easier for everyone involved.

We invite brands to fill in a simple and intuitive form, which we call a ‘blogging assignment.’ The assignment acts as the overview, detailing how the brand would like bloggers to help.

Once the assignment is added to the site, it’s then up to the blogger to make sure that their blog is a good fit for the assignment and to get in touch with the brand. Once contact is made between the brand and blogger, it’s up to both parties to decide on the best way forward!

Bloggers Required has published well over 2,000 blogging assignment so far, from many well known brands and agencies. It also has a thriving ‘members only’ blogging and influencer community of over 50k, with a varied number of themed groups within it. You can add an assignment here or join our blogging/influencer community here.