We Interviewed Sophie Shohet

Sophie Shohet is a digital marketeer and influencer, specializing in luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. She previously worked as the ‘Head of Digital’ for a Top 50 Creative Agency, but left the role in 2015 to set-up on her own…

The creation of YouTube content was always a hobby for Sophie, but after being signed and managed by YouTube in August 2015, things really started to pick-up. Since then, Sophie has worked with Harrods, Luisaviaroma, Marc Jacobs and Armani. The ethos in all of her content is added value to the audience – if it doesn’t entertain or educate, it doesn’t go live.

One of Sophie’s biggest moments of growth came in May 2016, when a video she created recounted a fat shaming incident in a well-known luxury store in London. The video went viral and amassed 1 million views and press interest in a matter of weeks.

Sophie’s work as a blogger and influencer is still currently secondary to her work as a digital consultant (through Badhat Media), but she is open minded about this changing as interest grows. Sophie will be the headlining speaker at our ‘Breakthrough in Blogging’ event, which is due to be rescheduled and moved to a new venue, but she’ll be there, and we can’t wait!

Q1: Hi Sophie! Thanks for doing this Q&A for us, and thanks for agreeing to be the headliner at #BTIB2017! How did you get into blogging and vlogging, and how long have you been doing it for?

A1: ‘I was working at a digital marketing agency when I first got into YouTube in 2012. I was trying to get a promotion at the time and I figured that being seen to be all over social media in my spare time would show how dedicated I was. It worked!

I never meant for my vlogging to grow to where it is today, though. That was never the plan. After the promotion, I produced the odd video here and there for fun, and there were only about five vloggers that I knew of on YouTube at the time doing luxury – the audience was pretty small.

It was at the end of 2015 that I started creating 2 regular videos a week and it grew from there.’

Q2: What is it really like being a successful blogger and vlogger? What does your typical day and week look like?

A2: It’s really hard! I should start by saying that being ‘successful’ is in the eye of the beholder, as some view success by subscriber numbers, views, how many brand collaborations you’ve done, getting recognised in the street (lol)…

I work as a freelance marketing consultant as my day-job, and I fit blogging and vlogging in around that. It’s exhausting and I work (honestly) 7 days a week – I even vlog on Christmas Day!!!

My typical day is getting up at 7am, heading to my desk to work – at lunch I’ll write a blog post, edit a video or get one recorded if I think I have time. I generally finish work at around 6pm, after which I’ll get straight on to blogging activities (responding to emails to brands and subscribers, and editing videos etc).

I’ll finish my blog work at around 10pm, eat dinner at 10.30pm, go to bed at 11 and do it all again the next day!’

Q3: You’ve managed to build quite a big following. What is the secret to your success?

A3: ‘When I first started to seriously get into YouTube, I thought there was some secret that the bigger channels knew and that was why they grew so fast.

I learnt in time that there was no secret formula – the quickest way to grow is to be consistent with the frequency of your content, develop a strong engagement with your audience by communicating with them, making relevant and helpful content and sticking to a style that is uniquely “you.”

Q4: I noticed you have your own eyelash range. Tell us about this?

A4: ‘Yes, I founded Luxe Lashes in 2015. They are the first false lash alternative to semi-permanent lash extensions. I worked with a manufacturer to design them.

From there, I created 4 other more dramatic styles for the line, but my day lashes have continued to be my best seller. You can wear them to the supermarket, gym, to pick the kids up from school – they don’t look like false lashes when you’re wearing them.’

Q5: You mentioned that you work with Harrods. How did this come about, and what kind of work do you do?

A5: ‘My work with Harrods came about as a result of the continued activity I was doing in their store. I love Harrods and it’s heritage and vibe. I was creating content in the store on a regular basis for about 2 years – then Harrods contacted me and it went from there.

The work I do with them is typically campaigns for new releases.’

Q6: What other brands do you work with?

A6: ‘I’m very strict with the brands that I choose to work with. They need to be relevant to my content and be of interest to my subscribers. Ideally, I’ll already be talking about them or wearing their product.

I have worked with premium fashion, beauty and one automotive brand.’

Q7: What are your thoughts on how the whole ‘influencer marketing’ landscape has turned out? Do you think it will continue the way it is, or do you think it will change at some point?

A7: ‘As a marketer, I find it fascinating and exciting. It’s a channel that I feel many brands and agencies aren’t sure on how to manage or budget for just yet.

Influencer will certainly grow to bigger than what it is today – it is the future for advertisers.

I think the key changes will be a policing of this industry, for which there really isn’t right now. I think that many brands will (and are already) setting-up social departments and are getting used to how to work with influencers.

I also believe that budgets will become more understood and open (with brands and influencers alike).’

Q8: So what’s next for you? What plans and goals have you got over the coming years? Where do you hope your career will end up?

A8: ‘My day job and blogging go hand-in hand. I am learning so much from the blogging industry that in-turn gives me insight and knowledge in the work I do. My plans for the future are to continue to grow the business, and I’m sure the blogging side of what I do will equally grow and develop with it.’

Q9: And last but not least, what advice could you give up startup bloggers and vloggers that want to get ahead, build a big following and make a living as you have done?

A9: ‘Pick a topic you love, don’t get into blogging for the money (you’ll be disappointed!), set an upload schedule and stick to it, and develop a relationship with your community. And don’t give up!’

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