Music HubTalks September 2015



If you’re a musician or a music professional and you’re keen to take your career to the next level, then Music HubTalks is the event for you.

Held on the 6th September 2015, from 9-5.30 at the Met Hotel in Leeds, our event gives you the opportunity to learn from the nation’s biggest leaders, network with other music professionals and make those all important connections that could change your career.

Value For Money

We felt that most music industry conferences were too expensive and didn’t offer us value for money, so we decided to create a more affordable alternative for musicians and music professionals in the UK that didn’t involve travelling too far or paying extortionate fees.

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’

All attendees have access to our exclusive networking break out facilities, where you’ll meet those professionals that will help to transform your career. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a band member, a journalist or an artist manager. They’ll be there.

NOTE: Tickets are selling fast, so don’t get left behind.

Speakers and Subjects:

Jason Perry (Grammy-winning international producer and lead singer of ‘A’)

Subject: ‘Stop Trying So Hard’

Paul Conroy (former President of Virgin Records UK)

Subject: ‘Record Labels: Past and Present’

Pete Downton (CCO at 7digital)

Subject: ‘The Three Ages of Digital Music’

Rory Bernard (Chairman at SynchTank)

Subject: ‘Technology, Data and Driving Synch Revenues’

Jon Skinner (CEO at Music Gateway)

Subject: ‘Global Collaboration In Music Co-Writing’

Nick Dunn (CEO at Horus Music)

Subject: ‘The DIY Revolution: How to Help Yourself’

Rebecca Lammers (CEO at Laika Network)

Subject: ‘YouTube for Musicians: Getting Discovered’

Sponsors and Exhibitors:

JTV Digital, Leeds-based venue, recording and rehearsal studios, Eiger Studios, alongside Horus Music, the global music distribution company, SX Pro, a pro audio retailer based near London, and Laika Network, the artist-focussed YouTube Multi-Channel Network.

Transport/Accommodation Links:

The Met Hotel is a 5 minute walk from Leeds train station, so no further transport will be required. They also offer accommodation, so get in touch with them on their website here.

This is a no-brainer event.

Buy a ticket, learn from the best in the industry and make those all important connections and apply what you learned in your own careers.

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